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Phone system issue
(posted 03/7/2014 by marcom_n)

Our phone system has had issues since yesterday. Some calls are coming in, but we still have customers reporting difficulties.

Please also try 02 80140407 if our main number 02 9790 8822 does not connect you.

Patched OpenSSL security hole: Heartbleed
(posted 09/4/2014 by marcom_n)

A bug which affects millions of websites has been discovered recently. The bug may compromise your password even if you think you are sending info through the secure web site with the padlock symbol displayed.

Our web site has been patched with the fixed version released yesterday.

Our fax number is not working at the moment
(posted 03/4/2014 by marcom_n)

Telstra fixed one short circuit telephone pair by disconnecting the fax line. The incoming pair for fax number is now used for a different line, and the fax line is not working at the moment.

Telstra has scheduled a technician visit on 8th April. Hopefully they can fix this properly this time.

Eyo is reopened today
(posted 06/1/2014 by marcom_n)

We are back from the annual closure today. The backlogs are being cleared. We believe things should be back to normal very soon as most urgent matters have been taken care of last week already.

NetComm recalls NP504 and NP204 due to electric shock fears
(posted 19/12/2013 by marcom_n)

NetComm Wireless Recalls Small Number of Powerline Adapters

13 December, 2013 (Sydney): NetComm Wireless is recalling NP204 Powerline Adapters within the serial number range from 1502131800001 to 1502131801329 and the NP504 Powerline Adapters within the serial number range from 0518125000001 to 0518125001000.

Testing has found a manufacturing defect in a small number of NP204 and NP504 Adapters in these batches. This fault could potentially, under some circumstances, produce an electric shock.

NetComm Wireless is undertaking this precautionary recall to ensure that any risk, however small, is removed. We are confident this is an isolated incident and have taken steps to ensure this does not happen again.

Please note that you are specifically not affected by this recall if you:

  • Have been supplied a Powerline Adapter by FOXTEL
  • Purchased a NP204 before June 2013
  • Purchased a NP504 before January 2013

Click here to check whether your product is affected by this recall or to arrange for a replacement / refund of your affected product. Please note that you will need to select your model and enter your serial number. (The serial number can be found on the base of your Powerline Adapter).

If you have any further questions, please contact NetComm Wireless by emailing or by calling free call 1800 110 168 in Australia or free call 0800 653 963 in New Zealand.

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