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About our web site

Our web site is designed in house from scratch up despite it may look
familiar. No single line of code is borrowed from other shopping cart scripts.

Our design principles include:

1. Simple to operate. We don't believe an e-Commerce web site needs
to have a separate manual for how to use.

2. Powerful enough. Some of features we have implemented are very
useful. Other web sites that are powered by readily made commercial
or free shopping carts program are lacking in these areas. Eg. Be
part of our accounting system; automatic shipping cost/COD fee,
insurance fee calculation based on destination, shipper chosen,
weight, size and more; automatic email generation for each stage of
order; viewing live order progress and order history; viewing
despatching consignment notes; viewing RMA progress with details;
support multiple shipping destinations...

3. Must be scalable. We constantly update and implement new features
to our web site based on need and new ideas. The system is designed
to allow such progress with the least effort.

4. Compatible with most if not all browsers, browser versions. Including
text based browser like 'lynx'.

31 May 2014
Further improved search speed and relevancy. Match for manufacturer item number and description will gain higher weight.

31 Mar 2014
Added fulltext index search. Coded so that it is still searchable with keywords containing period, quote etc. eg. 4.3" monitor.

Also support wildcard, phrase, exclusive etc.

4 Mar 2013
Added 'Visited tab'. Surrendered to ajax.

26 Feb 2013
Some cosmetic improvement. Part of ongoing CSS work done.

8 Nov 2011
Integrated PayPal checkout option due to customer demand.

18 April 2011
Extended "bundle deal" feature, an alert is viewable now before the final checkout.

1 Jan 2011
Made sales order item's "Comments" showing up on sales-history and sales status page.
Information such as ETA etc. the staff entered for the order will be viewable.

Added bundle-deal functionalities. Bundled deals will be displayed on products page with Buy-bundle buttons. A separate page listing all the bundle deals will also be displayed.

7 Dec 2010
Added UPC/EAN number information to product page.
Added QR 2D code to product page for trendy people armed with mobile + QR code scanner.

Improved thumbnail image creation and caching system. Further improved loading speed, despite bigger images and PDF files are now also hosted.
Added Item ID to product and item list page, so that it will be easier for customer to communicate with sales team on the phone.
Sending compressed CSS file.

9 Mar 2009
Enhanced BYOS page underlying mechanism for easier maintenance.
Stock information has been added to selection lists.

30 Oct 2008
Implemented dropshipping fee. Dropshipping fee will be added as an item just as the insurance fee, COD fee etc. Naturally only to the Dropshipping web site.

10 Jun 2008
Added support for multiple email addresses. Customers can now use:,

Shipping emails will be sent to two email addresses.

14 April 2006
Added subcategory to advanced search.

28 Dec 2006
Automated POP3 fetching, MIME decoding, unzipping process.

17 Dec 2006
Extended 'save trolley' funtionality to 'Public Wishlist'. A trolley contents can be saved
and viewed by anyone. Can be used as quotation to show friends, managements etc.

26 Nov 2006
Let users to set login password at the time of registering.

5 Nov 2006
Improved filter-kill for item list.
Pre-sort by category names before other sorting critirials for the search result.

24 Sep 2006
Added manufacturer name list and search by manufacturers. Merged code from
advanced_search.php to search_results.php. Re-search is now at finger tips after
an initial search.

8 Sep 2006
Optimized loading speed using in house developed techniques. The site should now load
almost instantly. It can even rival sites hosted through huge bandwidth pipe.

3 Sep 2006
Completed the first phase of the face lift.

18 Aug 2006
Added search functions to order history page.

31 Jul 2006
Added support for MySQLi extension to DB class. Also added two automatic image
download routines to take workload off human.

21 Jul 2006
Implemented Promotion Code. Features Expire Date, promo price or fix amount discount etc.

13 Jul 2006
Imroved Eyo price algorithm class, more factors are considered.

2 Jul 2006
Implemented Associated Products. Only available at Dropshipping site at the moment.

Offer fixed width pages when the user screen resolution is detected over 1280pixel wide.
This now makes sense because wide screen monitors are becoming very popular.
20" widescreen monitor has a 1680 pixel count horizontally.

26 Jun 2006
Implemented sticky sub-category and sticky manufacturer.

19 Jun 2006
Added small image thumbnails to product item list.

1 May 2006
Commenced beta testing for Eyo Dropshipping web site.

25 April 2006
Added suppliers' stock level to products page. These stock levels will be updated minimum
once a day automatically.

14 Feb 2006
Completed remote vendor data grabber.
Refined vendor data importer.

16 Dec 2005
Splitted newsletter into two: Product news, pricelist.
Product news newsletter will be despatched as often as news posts.
Pricelist will be despatched once a week.

Both emails are now in HTML format.

Completed a php class to build HTML forms on the fly. Codeless page is now possible.
Completed a php class for parsing Unix cron string.
(This php class CronParser.php has also been released to public under GPL licence.)

4 Nov 2005
Added "Tag list" to product display page.

14 Oct 2005
Added "Price out of touch Report" feedback form.

8 Oct 2005
Added support for Firefox 'Live Bookmarks'.
Created RSS feed for bargain corner.
Added retail price to RSS feed.

14 Sep 2005
Added RSS feed for Products On Special.
Added 'Print This Page' to item details page.

14 July 2005
Provided an option at trolley to add system assembly cost. The option is only
displayed when there is no BYO system in the trolley and there are more than
one items ordered.

13 July 2005
Google optimizing.

9 July 2005
Created RSS feed for new products.

9 July 2005
Created news archives page.

5 July 2005
More Google friendly.

2 July 2005
Created new URL for the product details.
Optimized for Google.

29 June 2005
Improved session control system.

28 June 2005
Added category bookmarks to PDF price list. Removed the index page.

27 June 2005
Implemented small thumbnail images in the product details page with
click through popup window for full size images.

26 June 2005
Implemented printable links. The following pages can be printable:

* Trolley display
* Net Order under user account
* Sales Order under user account
* Invoice under user account
* The page after order completion (printable traditionally, only available as printable)

Fixed PDF version of the price list. It was problematic under IE.

15 June 2005
Implemented Bad Link Report feature.

13 June 2005
Implemented 'Save Trolley' feature.
Customers can now save unlimited trolleys for later retrieval. Upon
restoring a previously saved trolley, the price and description etc.
will be updated according to the current data. If the previously saved item
becomes obsolete, it will be automatically removed from your trolley.

13 Dec 2004
Implemented "remember me" login option. Login cookie is transmitted
through secure link. A brief secure session is initiated automatically when
customer returns.

10 Dec 2004
Implemented shipping cost calculation before login.

7 Dec 2004
Implemented RSS feed for news.

4 Dec 2004
Implemented Feedback and suggestion box.

1 Dec 2004
Site is now complete template driven. All templates are now stored in database,
making changing and upgrading an easy job. Code cleaned up and streamlined.
Recoded most scripts to improve speed and fix potential bugs.

Revamped and improved login and user account area. Customers can now
login using customer number or email address.

Unused shipping address can now be deleted on-line by users.

Password reset email now contains a direct link to activate, users can
still use the on-line form to reset password.

Streamlined checkout progress. Eliminated one to two steps at checkout
process. Visual improvement.

Improvement made in search functions, terms used are now recycled.

Item lists now have sort by price feature. Filters based on new
products, products on special, highlighted products, best sellers are
also provided.

Merged retail and dealer web site codes.
Same scripts are now used by retail and dealer web sites.

Two emails are generated for order confirmation if the shipping email is
not the same as the billing email.

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