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D-Link DWL-8600AP Wireless Switching N Access Point For DWS-4026



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The DWL-8600AP is D-Link's next generation Unified Access Point supporting the IEEE 802.11n standard. Versatile and powerful, this device can be flexibly deployed as a stand-alone "fat" wireless access point or as a "thin" managed access point (AP) manageable from a wireless switch. Businesses can start with an intelligent DWL-8600AP that provides many advanced Wireless LAN functions, and then migrate to a centrally managed system anytime later by integrating the same DWL-8600AP with a D-Link unified wired/wireless switch.

Bling Wireless Speeds

802.11n offers up to six times increased throughput when compared with existing 802.11a/g networks. The DWL-8600AP is fully backwards compatible with 802.1a/b/g clients and allows for a 2x2:2 configuration with two Tx and Rx streams for each radio. Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) and wider bandwidth channels increase physical transfer rate over 802.11a/g. MIMO allows for more information to be coherently resolved by using several antennas instead of a single antenna. By employing the DWL-8600AP today, you can prepare your business for the future generation of wireless devices and mobile applications.

Intelligent "Fit" Access Point

The DWL-8600AP has everything on-board that enables network administrators to set up a secure wireless network. Advanced wireless functions that the DWL-8600AP supports include: WEP data encryption, WPA/WPA2 security, client MAC address filtering, AP load balancing, QoS/WMM (Wireless Multimedia), and Rogue AP Detection. Security configuration settings can be locally stored in the DWL-8600AP itself.

The DWL-8600AP offers AP Clustering and Wireless Distribution System (WDS) functions. With AP Clustering, up to 8 APs can form a cluster for convenient management and configuration of all APs. WDS allows for the AP to act as a wireless bridge, connecting two different networks to each other without the need for a cable. 

Businesses without complicated network requirements can use the DWL-8600AP to get a wireless network set up and run without the need for any additional controller hardware, still leaving path for upgrade to a centralised wireless solution with a switch/controller.

"Thin" AP Centrally Managed by Unified Switch/Controller

Alternatively, the DWL-8600AP can operate in conjunction with D-Link DWC/DWS-series controllers and unified wired/wireless switches. In this mode, multiple DWL-8600AP access points can connect directly or indirectly to one of these switches to provide unparalleled security and wireless mobility for wireless clients. Each DWL-8600AP access point will be continually tuned by these switches to provide optimal RF channels and transmission power for all mobile clients, giving them the best wireless signals in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and uninterrupted wireless connectivity.

Flexible Dualband Wireless LAN Connectivity

The DWL-8600AP delivers concurrent wireless performance with maximum wireless signal rates in both frequency bands simultaneously. With dualband connectivity, two wireless networks are created both running at full bandwidth speeds, offering a significant increase in total network capacity.

Optimal Wireless Performance

The architecture of most current wireless LAN controllers require wireless traffic to return to the controller for centralised processing, providing unnecessary traffic delay. The DWL-8600AP - when operating with a DWC/DWS-series controller/switch - offers administrators extra options. Depending on the wireless application, wireless traffic can either be tunnelled back to the switch for better security control, or locally forwarded at the access point for optimal performance. This device offers administrators maximized flexibility with options to tunnel guest traffic to the switch for centralised security control, and forward VoIP traffic directly from the access point for optimal performance.

Self Configuration and Easy Installation

When operating in conjunction with a DWC/DWS-series controller/switch, the switch automatically configures every connected DWL-8600AP access point, so no configuration is necessary during installation. If a DWL-8600AP needs to be replaced, the replacement DWL-8600AP automatically inherits the same configuration, making the replacement process a simple one.

Total Security & Quality of Service

The DWL-8600AP continuously scans both frequency bands and their associated channels to detect rogues while simultaneously providing wireless connectivity to mobile clients. If a rogue is detected, it reports the result to the wireless switch that manages it. From a management console, administrators can identify the rouge AP and take appropriate action. The DWL-8600AP supports 802.1Q VLAN Tagging and WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) for important wireless transmissions such as VoIP and streaming media applications, delivering critical user-based services, such as prioritized delivery of voice traffic.


Compatible Products


Service Level




Warranty Duration



Unified Wireless N600 Concurrent Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz

Device type

Concurrent Dual Band Access Point for DWS-3160, DWS-4026, DWC-1000 with Plenum


Concurrent operation in both 802.11a/n & 802.11b/g/n at full bandwidth speeds, Self-tuning features to adjust & optimise RF settings, Load balancing among neighbouring APs, Perfect for growing networks - allows seamless upgrade to unified wireless switching solution, High performance dualband connectivity for increased network capacity, Convenient installation, Standard 802.3af PoE support, Advance Warranty Replacement (24 Hour Cross-shipment), Limited Lifetime Warranty, Can operate as standalone AP (â??œFatâ???) or as switching AP (â??œThinâ???) with DWC-1000, DWS-3160, DWS-4026 controllers, Solid die cast metal housing design for indoor deployment, Trusted security features


10/100/1000BASE-T Port With 802.3af PoE


64/128/152-bit WEP Data Encryption, MAC Address Filtering: Local or RADIUS database, WPA/WPA2 EAP, WPA/WPA2 PSK, TKIP/AES, 802.11i/WPA2: Supports pre-authentication and key caching for WPA2 Enterprise, 802.1Q SSID broadcast enable/disable, 16 SSID per frequency band, 32 SSID per AP, RADIUS (RFC 2865, 3580): Supports authentication with RADIUS up to 4 external RADIUS servers , Isolated security for each SSID (Different security settings for each SSID), Station Isolation, IEEE 802.1X Supplicant


Up to 300Mbps in 802.11n mode


5 years


802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n Wireless LAN


4 Dualband detachable omnidirectional antennas with reverse SMA connectors

Configurable Operation Mode

Access Point only, Access Point with Wireless Distribution System, Wireless Distribution System


190.5 mm (L) x 198.8 mm (W) x 36.8 mm (H)


Power Supply:
Through 48VDC, 0.4A external power adapter


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